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Automated Evidence... FREE FOREVERRRRR!

IT audit has a data Trust Independence  Integrity Automation  Collaboration Frequency Governance  Custody Security Transparency Coverage Incentive Neutrality Integration Risk Skills Room Stream problem

Finally... An Audit World with Automated Evidence

Transforming the audit burden into a frictionless automated evidence reality!

FOR FREE!  Yes… hell has finally frozen over


Forensic grade evidence on demand
  • Accelerate and leverage the Assessment Collective public logic library
  • Manage unlimited private logic libraries
  • Map all evidence to any Information or Evidence Request List (IRL/ERL)
  • GraphQL allows the user to specify the data needed
  • AuditGraph™ (OSCAL compatible) unified data model supports any audit framework and entire tech stack ecosystem


Set and forget least privilege connections.
  • 150+ application integrations
  • 13+ leading GRC Connectors (Bring Your Own GRC)
  • 7 secrets manager Connectors and growing
  • 10+ leading task and ticketing Connectors 
  • Hybrid, multi-cloud, and distributed data collection architecture


Data that Trusts No One and Nothing
  • Least privilege policy management across the integrated ecosystem
  • Manage who, what, when, where, how and for how long
  • Meta-data level management
  • Federated roll based access controls
  • IDP authentication


Centralize Evidence: For 1 or 1,000 audits
  • Machine validated chain of custody
  • One click invitations between audit parties
  • Risk Exchange findings orchestration
  • Risk Exchange party management
  • Zero trust data security


Risk reputation management
  • Drive enterprise value through risk reputation
  • Unlock buy/sell risk management friction
  • Risk stakeholder management
  • Audit data ecosystem security and governance
  • A neutral solution that doesn’t compete with the ecosystem

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zero trust paradigm predictions

The AICPA will exit the IT Security Audit standards completely or revise their standards.

Buyers Paying auditors displaces Auditees paying Auditors.

3rd party, automated Auditing is born.

Audit-AS-A-SERVICE IS BORN, fueling skyrocketing margins for auditors.

Emerging Micro Audits proliferate auditor valuations.

GRC evidence features die.
GRC audit room features die.
GRC FAQ features become obsolete.

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