introducing the auditmation™ platform

cut time & cost by 65% Audit ready in 15 minutes eliminate audit fatigue unlock existing staff any audit, any auditor, any time

The only it audit data platform you'll ever need

cut time & cost by 65% Audit ready in 15 minutes eliminate audit fatigue identify audit issues instantly any audit, any auditor, any time

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An IT audit and risk data platform that enables two parties to come together in a neutral, mechanized
data room that bypasses people, process, and tools – all in real time.
  • Directly extracts forensic grade, automated evidence
  • Instant insights through a unified graph data model
  • Accelerates audit velocity with a pre-validated Logic Library
  • Packages a context rich data catalog of results that are integration ready
  • Enables trusted IT audits & risk assessments in days vs. months

One Platform. Unlimited Audits.

pre-validated logic library

  • Be audit ready in minutes with a pre-populated logic library
  • Created and validated by peers and subject matter experts
  • Supports any IT audit or risk management framework
  • Find the bots you need and deploy in seconds

customizable context engine

  • Quickly create new logic on demand
  • Customizable queries automate any audit & risk data request
  • Create full framework or precision audit logic at scale
  • Private libraries protect IP while enabling automation velocity

mechanized data room

  • Risk parties share, view, and collaborate on requested data
  • Digital chain of custody ensures integrity throughout entire data lifecycle
  • One-click invites and centralized governance/security make it easy to deliver truth and restore trust

Integration ready data catalog

  • Pull data from any application and push risk results to any risk tool
  • Share risk analytics and modeling tools with machine-validated truth
  • Push meta data into AI/ML platforms to create predictive models
  • Inform better risk decisions across any existing processes or tools

From Manual Collection to Machine Orchestrated

Transforming the audit burden into a frictionless automated evidence reality!

connect once: for 1 or 1,000 audits


Set and forget least privilege connections

  • 100+ application integrations
  • 13+ leading GRC Connectors (Bring Your Own GRC)
  • 7 secrets manager Connectors and growing
  • 10+ leading task and ticketing Connectors 
  • Hybrid, multi-cloud, and distributed data collection architecture


Scan and inventory everything

  • Create a digital audit inventory  in seconds
  • Across digital and human assets
  • Visualize your entire audit scope
  • Quickly identify audit issues that will need addressed
  • Ensure adherence prior to the audit to mitigate risk
forensic grade evidence on demand


Set and forget least privilege connections

  • Free public logic library sourced by peers and industry experts
  • Manage unlimited private logic libraries
  • Map evidence to any Information/Evidence Request List (IRL/ERL)
  • Query designer allows users to customize automation to requests
  • Unified data model standardizes & validates across disparate data sets
Centralize Evidence: For 1 or 1,000 audits


Collaborate across unlimited Audit Rooms

  • Machine validated chain of custody
  • One click invitations between audit parties
  • Facilitate audits and assessments from a central platform
  • Orchestrate audit & risk data sharing across multiple stakeholders
  • Zero trust data security
risk reputation management


Manage the audit truth throughout the tech ecosystem

  • Drive enterprise value through risk reputation management
  • Share results with GRC, vendor risk, and risk scoring tools
  • Risk stakeholder management
  • Centralized data governance and security across the ecosystem
  • A neutral solution that doesn’t compete with the ecosystem
Data that Trusts No One and Nothing


Manage the entire audit data life cycle

  • Least privilege policy management across an integrated ecosystem
  • Manage who, what, when, where, and for how long
  • Meta-data level management
  • Federated role-based access controls
  • IDP authentication
truth as a service


Bring your own GRC for ONE truth to any system.

  • Create interconnected audit intelligence across platforms
  • Extract ecosystem tool data, transform, & load results
  • Every result is shared as link only to ensure chain of custody
  • Full control over what data is shared with each tool
  • Future proof current investments with Zero Trust Audit Data

solving today's audit automation challenges

while preparing you for tomorrow's

zero trust audit stream.

zero trust paradigm predictions

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Trust No One and Nothing

  • Least privilege data access and results sharing
  • Black boxed results ensure chain of custody
  • End to end orchestration of Auditor data access
  • Full cycle governance of result sharing
  • Maintain data integrity all the way through integration

Eliminate your audit friction