automate your vendor audits

Your machine. Your truth.

The only it audit data platform you'll ever need

Validate more vendors with same staff Enforce critical controls for vendors Real-time visibility to sensitive data Mitigate supply chain risk daily Continual vendor assurance micro audits

Shifting The Vendor Management Paradigm With AUDITMATION

Empowering vendor managers with a centralized IT Audit Data Platform to quickly cut through the noise through a
centralized logic library.

Never have to trust an FAQ for vendor risk again

Never let supply chain dependencies create unlimited liability

Never let employee skills gaps block scale again

Validate access and backup a critical PII database in a cloud vendor or manage continual assurance of key cyber hygiene controls on your top 20 vendors. Maintain continual visibility on the things you care about most with the click of a mouse.

ONE PLATFORM for Any Audit, Party, or Tool

trust everything vendor risk, zero Risk reduction truth liability reduction velocity precision

Vendor M-Graphic-v4-22

No Transparency

Zero visibility to highly sensitive data in a vendor's stack and how managed

No governance

No ability to validate the implementation or enforce the use of critical controls


Manual review of ever increasing FAQ responses and SOC 2 reports can't scale

Reputational Risk

Risk stakeholder carries all of the risk, with unlimited liability

Trust Everything

Forced to trust the vendors have access to and share the truth in FAQ responses

Zero Access

No ability to verify security controls

infinite vendor audits, one platform data model evidence format governance model security model logic platform data catalog

Direct to source

Direct access and visibility to data in the vendor's stack


Machine validate the implementation and enforce the use of critical controls

real time readiness

Continual access to the data that matters most ensures real-time risk readiness


Every piece of evidence has complete forensic chain of custody

Vendor Managers A Have Massive

Millions of dollars and thousands of hours are spent every year on vendor risk management, by vendors and vendor managers alike. For what?
Major breaches still occur every day.

SOC 2, reports (and others) have proven worthless, which led to the introduction of the FAQ. The FAQ is now proving worthless as well, meaning all that time and money is wasted on a conflicted model that yields no truth, scale, or measurable risk reduction. In fact, vendor risk is higher today than ever before.


How do you scale
escalating vendor complexity without additional resources?

  • Target most critical data sets or applications in your most critical vendors
  • Centralize an automated logic library to continuously validate data and controls within each
  • Broaden engagement to more vendors and controls over time to further increase scale & reduce risk

4 steps to forensic grade vendor management


Stop trusting FAQs as your lone source of protection


Decrease risk by requiring audits from vendors and their supply chains


Mechanize your FAQ and go direct to source for your truth


Replace misleading security assessments with continuous, automated audits