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the current auditee focused grc trend
has no future

GRC tools have adapted to support the auditee, but have overlooked every other party in the risk pool. This has spawned a decentralized model with disparate data, security, governance, data models, and tools that compete rather than integrate.

Auditors are frustrated, can't scale across multiple tools, and forced to build their own tools to compensate. Risk stakeholders are left in the dark with no access or trust in the process.


GRC Alone Can Never Meet Market Demand

The end result is a "come to me and my tools" model that is becoming obsolete. Risk stakeholders used to accept a certification. Then came the FAQs, but now FAQs are no longer trusted. No matter how far the GRC goes, market demand can never be met - thus forcing a key "adapt or die" market dynamic.

Audit Guarantees Kill Scale & Trust​

Operational GRC tools like Drata, Tugboat, and Anecdotes force auditors to learn the nuances of multiple systems. Auditors and Risk Stakeholders alike can't gain mastery of hundreds of different tools across a multitude of audits. There has been no centralized platform to stitch models and tools together and unlock all parties in the risk pool. So scale and trust throughout has never been possible.

decentralized Tools

GRC tools currently enforce a decentralized model with disparate tech islands

No Scale

Interacting with hundreds of tools across parties kills scale for any auditing party


GRC tools are compensated by auditee to help pass an audit. Some guarantee it

trust everything model

As an auditee tool, GRC's enforce a Trust Everything paradigm, blocking Zero Trust

platform sprawl

Impossible for auditing parties to become proficient in hundreds of tools

No Independence

As part of the auditee boundary, GRC's are not managerially or technically independent

The only it audit data platform you'll ever need

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Future Proofing GRC With AUDITMATION

As a neutral arbiter platform, Auditmation transforms any GRC into a single source of Zero Trust audit truth . It does not compete with or replace GRC. Rather, it enables, integrates, and intersects the entire ecosystem to extend automation, increase customer scale, and future proof GRC investments.


The Power of ONE!

infinite tools, one platform data model evidence format governance model security model logic platform data catalog


Enables a centralized Zero Trust model that intersects & integrates with all key tools


Ensures scale & simplicity across every customer and their risk pool


Stakeholder pays Auditor to ensure they get their truth, removing any GRC conflict

zero trust model

GRCs become a single source of Zero Trust truth for auditee's

ONe platform

Auditing parties leverage a single, neutral arbiter platform that alleviates GRC pressure

full cycle independence

As interconnected systems, GRCs are future-proofed against Zero Trust demands

Internal Audit Has A Massive

trust everything audits, infinite evidence formats grc tools data models manual processes data sources audit rooms

Operational GRC tools like Drata, Tugboat, and Anecdotes try to force auditors to learn the nuances of each of their systems across a multitude of audits.

Gov-GRaphic_Auditor Draft 1b

Auditors force auditees to manufacture and ship data to hundreds of audit rooms. No centralized platform to stitch models and tools to unlock all parties in the ecosystem.

Gov-GRaphic_Auditor Draft 2b

compromised incentive

Auditee pays Auditor, and GRC tools that collect evidence on their behalf

limited findings

10% population sampling omits 90% of all relevant evidence


Human-based audit processes drive bias, risk, and do not scale

No data integrity

Human and GRC collected evidence has no forensic chain of custody

zero readiness

Annual audits bring little to zero value to cyber readiness

no access

Gated access hides the truth, dependent on Auditee evidence and quality

1 + 1 = 3

Partnering with Auditmation allows GRCs to easily solve evidence automation problems today while also preparing for Zero Trust audit requirements of tomorrow. Extending current capabilities and customer value and future proofing GRC investments.

The only automated audit platform you'll ever need

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