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Shifting The Paradigm With AUDITMATION

Auditmation enables cyber insurers to extend outside in risk assessments and scanning with mechanized audits of the insured's actual risk data through a centralized cyber risk logic library.

Never trust a self-assessment questionnaire again

Never rely on an external scan as your only source of risk data

Never let cyber risk management skills create a gap

Auditmation is the neutral arbiter machine that is not incentivized by any preferred outcomes. Instead, it drives to the truth and nothing but the truth. It empowers cyber insurers with direct to source access to inform better decisions based on real time, stack ranked risk data with a forensic chain of custody.


infinite audits, one platform data model evidence format governance model security model logic platform data catalog

Cyber Insurer 4b

360º Risk assessment

Compliment external scanning data with direct to source access to insured’s data


Machine collected evidence with no human handling or tampering

data integrity

Every piece of evidence has complete forensic chain of custody

Mechanized Knowledge

Centralize mechanized cyber knowledge to ensure scale, integrity, and visibility

Cyber Insurers Have A Massive

trust everything audits, infinite evidence formats grc tools data models manual processes data sources audit rooms

Operational GRC tools like Drata, Tugboat, and Anecdotes try to force auditors to learn the nuances of each of their systems across a multitude of audits.

Gov-GRaphic_Auditor Draft 1b

Auditors force auditees to manufacture and ship data to hundreds of audit rooms. No centralized platform to stitch models and tools to unlock all parties in the ecosystem.

Gov-GRaphic_Auditor Draft 2b

compromised incentive

Auditee pays Auditor, and GRC tools that collect evidence on their behalf

limited findings

10% population sampling omits 90% of all relevant evidence


Human-based audit processes drive bias, risk, and do not scale

No data integrity

Human and GRC collected evidence has no forensic chain of custody

zero readiness

Annual audits bring little to zero value to cyber readiness

no access

Gated access hides the truth, dependent on Auditee evidence and quality


How do cyber insurers overcome lack of historical data when writing policies?

  • Replace questionnaires with continuous risk assessment on real-time risk data
  • Write and price policies based on machine collected and validated data direct from source
  • Adjust premiums from real time data and risk, making historical data less important

4 steps to automated cyber risk assessments


Centralize cyber risk knowledge into a private Logic Library


Invite potential insured to the platform in seconds


Share your Logic Library in platform to automate risk data collection


Assess machine validated evidence at any frequency to reduce risk on every policy