• - Your Data Is Under Attack! FBI and MI5 Leaders Give Unprecedented Joint Warning On CHINESE Spying
  • - Data Breach Costs Reach New Record Highs (Avg. Cost Now @ $4.34M)
  • - Supply Chain Hack Causes Toyota to Close 14 Japan Plants, Halting 1/3 of Its Global Production In a Single Day
  • - T-Mobile to Pay $350M Settlement in Cyberattack Breach Case
  • - Didi Global Slapped With $1.1B Fine For Breaching China Data Security Laws
  • - SEC Chair Calls For Stronger Audit Rules on SOX Anniversary
  • - CohnReznick Charged With Improper Auditing Conduct By SEC
  • - US Cyber Insurance Sees Rapid Premium Growth Due To Increased Cyber Incidents, Claim Counts, and Loss Severity
  • - KPMG U.K. Sanctioned Over 2 Audits With Fines Over $22M
  • - Stolen MGM Resorts Customer Data Dumped On Telegram For Free
  • - PricewaterhouseCoopers Fined $6.2 Million For Shoddy Audits
  • - Facebook Directed to Pay Every Victim Over Personal Data Breach
  • - Volkswagen Says Vendor Breach Impacted 3.3 Million Customers in North America
  • - Robinhood Says Millions of Customer Names and Emails Taken
  • - Cybercriminals Attack 4 Security Flaws in Microsoft Exchange Server, Exposing 30,000 Organizations
  • - State Dept. Offering $10 Million Reward to Bring Colonial Pipeline Hacker to Justice
  • - U.S. Financial Regulation Finalized: Banks Must Report Major Cyber Incidents Within 36 Hours
  • - News Corp discloses cyber-attack, believed to be from a foreign government.
  • - Credit Suisse Leak Unmasks Criminals, Fraudsters, and Corrupt Politicians

Revolutionizing 3rd Party Audit & Risk Management

BREAKING: Auditmation acquires DevSupply to expand its connectivity catalog to applications and tools


Real Data. Real Fast. Zero Burden

Defining the Zero Trust Audit Method

Manage 3Rd Party audits IN MINUTES

Organizations are inundated with audit and security questionnaires requests, and experience a technology-based challenge in managing multiple audit parties within disparate systems.  GRC tools help manage internally, but fall short on meeting external audit and risk observability.

As a result, significant events would need to happen for organizations to reduce their audit burden, manage todays complex risk environment, and unlock staff productivity to move at the speed of business.

Discover audit automaton

Imagine a single audit data platform that enables organizations to easily facilitate any 3rd party audit or risk demand in minutes:

  • Connect once, run unlimited audits forever
  • Quickly collect data and gain immediate insight
  • Decide what you want to share and with who
  • Manage multiple audits at scale without staff burden 
  • Integrates with any GRC or risk analytics tool
/ audit • mā • tion /

Today’s broken audit structure has driven organizational risk and compliance data integrity to the brink.
Auditmation™ delivers a new audit method that empowers every auditee, advisor, assessor,
and technology provider in the shared risk pool.

origin & etymology

present day

today's antiquated paradigm

Navigating through today's antiquated IT audit and FAQs leave organizations exposed to a complex risk environment that blocks their ability to move at the speed of business. Audits and vendor risk assessments should be efficient, effective, and economical. It's time for a tech-enabled disruption that will restore industry trust.

SOC 2 and other IT certs take too long and aren’t enough

Vendor FAQs kill velocity and haven’t reduced risk

Vendor risk is real time and not once a year

revolutionizing it audit & vendor risk

Auditmation is a data platform that delivers tech-enabled, automated audit reports & subscriptions for the first time ever. It removes bias, friction, and cost while restoring the truth
in days vs. months.

Current Paradigm

Vendor Pays Auditor

Manual, People Driven

Once a Year (Slow)


Tech Skills Gap

No 3rd Party Context

No Access to Data

Data Samples


New Paradigm

Auditor Works For Vendor Manager




Centralized Logic Library

Bring Your Own Logic

Direct Access to Risk Data

100% Data Assessment


One Platform. Unlimited Audits.


  • Kill the FAQ!
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Unlock Sales Velocity
  • Eliminate Audit Fatigue
  • Unlock Staff Value














Certified auditor partners work on behalf of the enterprise to restore trust and reduce time, cost, and risk for both parties


  • De-Risk With Real Data
  • Gain Trust at Lower Cost
  • Bring Your Own Logic
  • Forensic Grade Truth
  • Shift from FAQ to vRaaS

pre-validated logic library

  • Be audit ready in minutes with a pre-populated logic library
  • Created and validated by peers and subject matter experts
  • Supports any IT audit or risk management framework
  • Find the bots you need and deploy in seconds

customizable context engine

  • Quickly create new logic on demand
  • Customizable queries automate any audit & risk data request
  • Create full framework or precision audit logic at scale
  • Private libraries protect IP while enabling automation velocity

mechanized data room

  • Risk parties share, view, and collaborate on requested data
  • Digital chain of custody ensures integrity throughout entire data lifecycle
  • One-click invites and centralized governance/security make it easy to deliver truth and restore trust

Integration ready data catalog

  • Pull data from any application and push risk results to any risk tool
  • Share risk analytics and modeling tools with machine-validated truth
  • Push meta data into AI/ML platforms to create predictive models
  • Inform better risk decisions across any existing processes or tools

How it works

While Auditmation enables a complete transition to the new paradigm today, we understand that not everyone is ready or able to get there quickly. So, we offer 2 paths forward:

  1. Supports the current paradigm’s transactional model
  2. Complete shift to the new paradigm now or in the future

Both leverage tech enabled processes to remove friction, time, and cost while restoring trust.


internal audit

Use the AUDITMATION platform for internal audits

free to auditee


IT audits

Complete IT audits IN THE PLATFORM with a certified auditor PARTNER

free to auditee


Vendor reports

Vendor managers pay auditors to access audit reports for pennies on the dollar

Vendor Manager pays


Vendor risk as a service

Auditors enable vendor managers to review targeted risk reporting

Vendor Manager Pays

Auditmation plugins and connectors
Auditmation Evidence Bots UI page


Set & forget, least privilege connections to 120+ integrations & growing


Mechanize audit & risk teams by centralizing context in a Logic Library


Automated audit data management across unlimited audit rooms


Manage audit truth & risk reputation throughout the ecosystem



  1. Start internal audits for free
  2. Audit model alignment with vendor mgr.
  3. Eliminate your audit burden
  4. Unlock sales velocity


  1. Select your vendor
  2. Audit model alignment with vendor
  3. Choose automated audit report and/or vendor risk subscription

Eliminate Audit Fatigue

Unlock Staff Value

Kill Security Questionnaires!

Gain Competitive Differentiation

Unlock Sales Velocity

never worry about audit/risk burden again

From Manual Collection to Machine Orchestrated

Transforming the audit burden into a frictionless automated evidence reality!

forensic grade evidence on demand


Mechanize your audit and risk teams

  • Quickly specify and collect test-ready evidence with GraphQL
  • Map evidence to any information or Evidence Request List (IRL/ERL)
  • Manage your own logic in unlimited private logic libraries
  • Accelerate via the Assessment Collective public logic library
  • AuditGraph™ (OSCAL compatible) unified data model supports any audit framework and entire tech stack ecosystem
connect once: for 1 or 1,000 audits


Set and forget least privilege connections

  • 150+ application integrations
  • 13+ leading GRC Connectors (Bring Your Own GRC)
  • 7 secrets manager Connectors and growing
  • 10+ leading task and ticketing Connectors 
  • Hybrid, multi-cloud, and distributed data collection architecture
Data that Trusts No One and Nothing


Manage the entire audit data life cycle

  • Least privilege policy management across the integrated ecosystem
  • Manage who, what, when, where, how and for how long
  • Meta-data level management
  • Federated roll based access controls
  • IDP authentication
Centralize Evidence: For 1 or 1,000 audits


Audit stream data management across unlimited Audit Rooms

  • Machine validated chain of custody
  • One click invitations between audit parties
  • Findings orchestration in a centralized data catalog
  • Risk Exchange party management
  • Zero trust data security
risk reputation management


Manage the audit truth throughout the GRC ecosystem

  • Drive enterprise value through risk reputation
  • Unlock buy/sell risk management friction
  • Risk stakeholder management
  • Audit data ecosystem security and governance
  • A neutral solution that doesn’t compete with the ecosystem
truth as a service


Bring your own GRC for ONE truth to any system.

  • Create interconnected audit intelligence across platforms
  • Extract ecosystem tool data, transform, & load results
  • Every result is shared as link only to ensure chain of custody
  • Full control over what data is shared with each tool
  • Future proof current investments with Zero Trust Audit Data

solving today's audit automation challenges

while preparing you for tomorrow's

zero trust audit stream.

IT audit paradigm predictions

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2022 and Beyond IT Security Audit Predictions report

Meet our grc partners


Agree To A Plan, Let Bots Do The Rest

  • Create auditor informed and approved plans before every audit
  • Review and accept Auditor approved ERL packages
  • Recommendation Engine matches requests to source systems & available Bots
  • Assign coverage, sampling, and frequency, up to 100%
  • Auto-create and track action items in the audit automation plan


Trust No One and Nothing

  • Least privilege data access and results sharing
  • Black boxed results ensure chain of custody
  • End to end orchestration of Auditor data access
  • Full cycle governance of result sharing
  • Maintain data integrity all the way through integration

get your free automated evidence account

Access the TRUTH and nothing but

Audit: / au • dit /

Latin Origin: First known use in 15th century, with little to no tech or process evolution since… like NOTHING!
  1. : back in the day when people used to ask other people for paper documents, scrolls, or pictograms (of their choosing) as evidence
  2. : a time when the evidence collection method was a slow and tedious human driven process – even a cave man could do it
  3. : back when grown adults accepted written questions and answers to authenticate compliance adherence, and pretended everyone told the truth
  4. : a time when people could manipulate pictures or swap out real data with “samples”, and were awarded the coveted gold star, plus a wink
  5. : back when a concept called Zero Trust applied everywhere else, EXCEPT with audit standards

Audit In A Sentence:

Well hell! You wouldn’t use an accountant to develop technology to try to scale audit automation, would you?

Auditmation: / audit • may • shn /

American Origin: Created in 2021 to regain the trust and integrity of today’s IT audits, through machine-validated continuous truth
  1. : independent, machine-driven assessment and audit automation process, eliminating human intervention
  2. : method by advanced robotic process automated means, producing unbiased immutable data integrity
  3. : replaces dependency on people, process, and tools, with automated testing to 100% of control and population coverage
  4. : proprietary method for obtaining evidence data from its source, bypassing all traditional intermediaries
  5. : a state of continuous risk assessment and testing, against every policy, procedure, implementation statement, and control

Auditmation In A Sentence:

The days of auditors accepting omitted, curated, or auditee created evidence are over, and Zero Trust for 3rd party auditing enables the real audit truth