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Plus, discover how to leverage your IT Audit and Risk Data outcomes into the most effective revenue growth tool in your organization’s arsenal.


internal audit

Use our audit automation platform for internal audits

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soc 2 audit

Complete a SOC 2 audit IN THE PLATFORM by a certified auditor PARTNER

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customer report

Customers pay auditors to see reports for pennies on the dollar

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Vendor risk as a service

Auditors enable customers to review targeted Risk Data-as-a-Service

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revolutionizing it audit & risk

Auditmation is an IT audit & risk data platform that delivers tech-enabled, automated audit & vendor risk subscriptions for the first time ever. It removes bias, friction, and cost while restoring the truth -
in days vs. months.

Current Paradigm

Conflicted Dollars

Manual, People Driven

Once a Year

Manipulated Data

Tech Skills Gap

No 3rd Party Context

No Access to Data

Sampling on Purpose


New Paradigm

Trusted Incentive


Subscription / Continuous

Forensic Chain of Custody

Centralized Logic Library

Bring Your Own Logic

Direct Access to Risk Data

100% Data Assessment



Most frequent questions and answers

It’s exactly like your traditional SOC 2, only automated and free! The Auditmation platform auto-collects required data directly from your network, standardizes and validates it into a unified data model.  Then it presents machine validated evidence back to a shared AuditRoom for each request, with a digital chain of custody on every piece of evidence. Our certified audit partners then complete annual SOC 2 assessment on machine validated evidence and can optionally audit and certify evidence on key controls quarterly.  Ultimately, this allows you to further differentiate by enabling Vendor Risk-as-a-Service (vRaaS) for your key customers.

With today’s cyber threat conditions, no one can truly trust an audit anymore. There was a time when a SOC 2 met customer, cyber insurance, and other requirements. Then came the FAQs, which are now giving way to legal assurance agreements. As long as we continue to allow an audited party to select their auditor and sampled data, then pay for the audit, the outcomes will never be trusted. Much like a home inspection, risk holders want their own truth and direct access to the data in order to truly reduce risk. They are spending thousands of hours and millions and dollars to try and get a sliver of truth today. This model restores trust in the market and removes conflict and friction for all parties.

With Auditmation, the “home inspector” is aligned to your customer’s objectives and paid by them. They don’t have to trust you, they can trust machine validated data audited by a 3rd party that works on their behalf. Being confident enough to support your customer in this way (whether annual or in a vRaaS model), creates your unique differentiation in a paranoid world, thus restoring trust and removing friction for all parties. Not only do your customers win, so do your sales, compliance, and risk organizations.

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