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Independent ZeroBias™ Forensics Data For Better Predictive Analytics

AI Proficiency Is Only As Good As The Data Informing Their Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms are only as good as the integrity of the data informing them. Without direct, machine-driven access to the actual audit and risk data, the integrity of the algorithms and organizational decision-making become compromised.

Artificial Intelligence

Auditmation’s delivery of real time forensic grade risk and critical controls data enables ML-based algorithms to better identify patterns that are incredibly useful for rapidly automating organizational decision-making processes.

ZeroBias™ audit data For Advanced AI Proficiency


Real-time inside-out critical risk data supports early threat exposure alerting.


Access data that matters most to enhance predictive risk patterns.


Complete an accurate inventory of IT risk assets for continuous business criticality measurement.


A context-rich data catalog improves predictive analytics for audit security and compliance.

Revolutionize your risk predictability